Friday, June 19, 2009

In loving memory of Sekai Ayinde Williams

In loving memory of Sekai Ayinde Williams.

Sunrise 10-8-93
Sunset 6-10-09

"Tell them not to treat foster kids like this.
Tell them not to take kids from their mothers who love them.
Tell them not to treat kids bad just because they have disabilities.
It hurts their feelings."

Son of Asha-Lateef Williams
(PROMISE Peer Mentor, UMCP)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

In memory ...

As I learned about the passing of the son of one of our PROMISE members, I began to think about the loved ones of so many of our grad students and team members who have passed away since the major programs of PROMISE began in 2003. 

This post is dedicated to them. They loved, they continue to be loved, and they continue to inspire.  These are the names that I can think of at the moment. Others are free to add in.

* Jessica Soto Perez (left, 1977-2004), one of our own grad students, in our first cohort of PROMISE Peer Mentors (UMBC)

* Gloria Reynoso, the mother of Gloria Anglon, UMCP PROMISE Coordinator

* Joshua Wheagar (the one who came to prepare the way) Mosley, the son of Dr. Sylvester and Korto Mosley (Sly, former PROMISE Peer Mentor, UMBC)

* The brother of Dr. Johnetta Davis (PROMISE Co-PI, UMCP)

* Professor Philip J. Rutledge, the father of Dr. Janet Rutledge (PROMISE Co-PI, UMBC)

* Jesse Oyd Harris, Jr., the father of Dr. Robin Smiles (former PROMISE Peer Mentor, UMCP)

* The grandmother of Adrienne Starks (PROMISE student, UMBC)

* The father of Yvette Williams (PROMISE student, UMBC)

* Gladys Franco de Ordóñez , the mother of Patti Ordóñez-Rozo (PROMISE Peer Mentor, UMBC)

* Julia Mae Major, the mother of David L. Major (PROMISE Peer Mentor, UMCP)

And most recently, the young man who inspired this post, Sekai Ayinde Williams, the son of Asha-Lateef Williams (PROMISE Peer Mentor, UMCP). Sekai means: "Full of Laughter" and Ayinde means "We prayed for him."

We invite PROMISE members to offer tributes to loved ones who have inspired them.

When a student goes to grad school, he/she is usually thinking about the excitement of new classes, the promise of the Ph.D., the effect that he/she will have on the world with newly acquired expertise. But when "life happens" (e.g. a loved one passes away) it is unexpected, and unplanned. This site is dedicated to those loved ones who have passed away, to those persons who are alive and continue to encourage, and to you, the grad students who are determined to press forward to continue to achieve your goals.

Feel free to post thoughts, photos, stories ... your tributes.