Monday, December 21, 2009

In Memory of Arthur W. Elder, Father of Charlotte Elder (UMBC PROMISE)

Arthur W. Elder II, father of PROMISE member Charlotte Elder (UMBC,
Clinical Psychology) lost his battle with lung cancer on December 17,
2009. Charlotte is also a Meyerhoff Fellow and a member of the Dissertation House.

Charlotte's father was a UMBC alum and great supporter of all up and
coming PhDs so he will be greatly missed by family and friends.

(Contributed by Frances D. Carter, UMBC PROMISE Peer Mentor, Physics & Public Policy)

We invite PROMISE members to offer tributes to loved ones who have inspired them.

When a student goes to grad school, he/she is usually thinking about the excitement of new classes, the promise of the Ph.D., the effect that he/she will have on the world with newly acquired expertise. But when "life happens" (e.g. a loved one passes away) it is unexpected, and unplanned. This site is dedicated to those loved ones who have passed away, to those persons who are alive and continue to encourage, and to you, the grad students who are determined to press forward to continue to achieve your goals.

Feel free to post thoughts, photos, stories ... your tributes.