Monday, December 21, 2009

In Memory of Arthur W. Elder, Father of Charlotte Elder (UMBC PROMISE)

Arthur W. Elder II, father of PROMISE member Charlotte Elder (UMBC,
Clinical Psychology) lost his battle with lung cancer on December 17,
2009. Charlotte is also a Meyerhoff Fellow and a member of the Dissertation House.

Charlotte's father was a UMBC alum and great supporter of all up and
coming PhDs so he will be greatly missed by family and friends.

(Contributed by Frances D. Carter, UMBC PROMISE Peer Mentor, Physics & Public Policy)


  1. Dear Charlotte,

    I remember talking with you about your Dad, and hearing your stories about how you would tell him about your latest accomplishments - and how happy he would be to hear what you were doing, and how you triumphed through the next milestone. Your love for him was evident and I'm sure that he was SO proud of you!!!!!! You were a good daughter! You said that he wanted you to continue working toward your degree, and you did, but you continued to involve him in the process, spend time with him, and love him.

    I mourn with you and will keep you and your family in my prayers.

    -Renetta Tull

  2. Char-
    I only met your dad briefly but to have raised such a stupendous person, he had to be a very special and caring man. I'm sorry for your loss and am praying for your comfort this time of grief.

  3. Hi Charlotte,

    My husband and I will keep you and your family in prayer during this difficult time.


    Ebony Dashiell-Aje (UMCP)

  4. Charlotte,
    My deepest sympathy to you and your family. May the Lord comfort you as you grieve.
    --Judith Pollack, UMB Promise Coordinator

  5. Charlotte,

    I am truly sorry to hear of your loss. You and your family will be in my prayers. May the Lord sustain, comfort, and grant peace to you and your family at this time.



  6. Charlotte,

    just a few short months ago, my own mother was listed here on this memorial page.
    I am so sorry for your loss, because I know the pain of it.
    May you find comfort and strength to especially make it through these days.

  7. may you and your family find comfort in the abundance of love that surrounds you through this heartbreaking time. continue to press on and keep your faith knowing that He has you in the palm of His hands.

    with sympathy and love

  8. Charlotte,

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this time. Below is a quote someone left for me a couple of years ago when my mother passed:

    "What moves through us is a silence, a quiet sadness, a longing for one more day, one more workd, one more touch, we may not understand why you let this earth so soon, or why you left before we were ready to say good-bye, but little by little, we begin to remember not just that you died, but that you lived. And that your life gave us memories to beautiful to forget."

    With Deepest Sympathy,

  9. Dear Charlotte,
    I truly sympathize with you for the loss of your father; my father passed away in April 2007 during the first year of my doctoral program. Please be comforted by your fond memories of him. May God embrace you and your family and send you His love.


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